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I'm a twenty-four year old, North London based fashion and lifestyle blogger. When I'm not tapping away at my keyboard or dragging my (oh-so patient) boyfriend around London with me to find places to shoot, you can find me binging on Netflix, indulging in one of my creative hobbies, cooking up a gluten-free feast or styling my flat. In short, I'm a crazy plant lady who likes to make things and wear nice clothes! 

By day I'm a trainee womenswear buyer - yes it's true, shopping can be a job! But when I'm not drowning in a sea of Pantone references and endless samples I like to kick-back and create my own content, here on PhoebeNickalls.com. My posts cover fashion, creative hobbies, entrepreneurship and interiors all in one place, and if you like what you see, please leave a comment and sign up to my newsletter!

If you would like to get in touch with me about a collaboration or want to ask me a question, you can find all my details on my Contact page.

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