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As an avid listener of podcasts I'm always surprised to hear when people don't listen to any podcasts at all - it really makes you wonder what all these people are doing with their commute! I listen to podcasts when I'm travelling for 30 minutes on the bus to work everyday, when I'm at the gym, when I'm cleaning the house.. well pretty much at any possibility. There is something really genuine to podcasts. It's like having a friend chatting in your ear. They are current, topical and often you can learn some really interesting things. For any podcast newbies I've picked my all time favourite podcasts to share with you today. That being said, there are many more in my subscription list but I've narrowed it down to the ones you simply can't miss. So in no particular order, read on to find out more!

1. How To Curate your Life

This podcast is a gem. Host Lizzie owns a shop in Islington called Smug that I'm pretty much in every single weekend. She's a creative entrepreneur, boutique shop owner and graphic designer to name but a few strings to her bow. The podcast aims to inspire a whole generation of creative entrepreneurs by featuring an interview each week with a different successful small business owner - be it a blogger, designer or freelancer. As a creative myself I love the insight into their world. If you are a freelancer or work for yourself, this podcast is packed with hints and tips on how to manage your time, find a work-life balance and most importantly switch off. We're nearing the end of season one but I'm excited to see what Lizzie comes up with for season 2!

2. At Home With...

Each week fashion and lifestyle bloggers Lily and Anna pop round different people's houses and have a chat to them whilst admiring their beautiful homes. I think some of the most interesting conversations happen when people feel completely at ease and relaxed and that is exactly what this podcast delivers. 

3. The High Low

Pandora Skyes and Dolly Alderton host this incredible podcast. I'm a little bit obsessed with Pandora - a self confessed lover of the zeitgeist and popular culture - because I too am fascinated by the popular culture of the world we live in. Working in fashion you have to be on the pulse with every trend that comes your way and the podcast does a great job of highlighting current affairs and everyday news in a fun and entertaining way. Co-host Dolly Alderton is hilarious and the emails section of the podcast is a personal favourite. If there is one podcast you need to start with it should be The High Low! 

4. Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon really knows her stuff. Her podcast on tech and our relationship with the internet is fascinating. Her guests are always so interesting and varied, from comedians, to authors, singers, journalists or entrepreneurs. Emma has a great interview style and always seems to get the best out of her guests. If you're new to this podcast, it's been going on for a while so take an afternoon and have a podcast binge!

5. Keeping it Candid

A relatively new podcast to the scene, Keeping it Candid is hosted by two friends and bloggers Sophie and Millie. They discuss popular culture and topical issues each week on their show. I particularly like how they chat to each other and it really they are in the room having a gossip with you! I'm excited to see how this podcast develops!

6. The Debrief

This laugh-out-loud podcast will have you stifling your giggles on the tube to work! Tessa and Stevie are hilarious and their podcast aims help you to survive adulthood and have a good time whilst your there! With episodes such as 'How to Survive Winter' or 'How to Survive in the City' have some really interesting tips and advice delivered in an entertaining way. I've listened to all of the episodes and I thoroughly recommend. If you need a bit of help with 'adult-ing' in your twenties or thirties then this is the show for you!


I'd love to know what you think of these podcasts so please do comment, tweet me or comment on my Instagram. Also I'd love to hear your recommendations so let me know if there are any great shows I've missed off!