Making a Terrarium with Leafage


Ever since I got into interiors and started filling my home with plants I've wanted a terrarium (yes, that's terrarium, not terrarainium!). In case you didn't know, a terrarium is a self-contained eco-system- it's essentially a miniture garden in a bottle, which is perfect for those of us living in big cities without a garden (sob!). They allow you to own you very own garden (or gardens) in your home even if you don't have the luxury of space!

I couldn't believe my luck when I was kindly invited by owner Kay to attend one of Leafage's coveted workshops to learning how to make my own terrarium to take home and keep!

Cover Pic.JPG

The workshop took place in Smugglers, a cute and cosy cafe in Putney, London. Apon arrival we were greeted with a glass of prosecco (which was a nice touch!) and everything we would need was laid out on the tables in front of us...

Leafage Terrarium Workshop - Leafage Header

Kay is such an enthusiastic and friendly teacher with a wealth of knowledge on all things plants and terrariums. She explained that we would be making a closed terrarium and if we looked after it well, it would (hopefully!) be able to sustain itself within the glass bottle without too much watering or attention. 

Leafage Terrarium Workshop - Ingredients 3
Leafage Terrarium Workshop - Stones

One thing I loved was how friendly everyone was in the workshop. You share the supplies with your table of around 5 people and it's so fun making them together and having a laugh at the same time. I was expecting the terrarium to be simple to put together but there are so many elements involved, such as selecting the right soil and plants, additional extras to help them thrive and different ways to construct them. We had tweezers, sticks and long scissors to help us and Kay was so helpful and attentive, going round all the tables, guiding us through every stage of the process. She clearly knew a lot about the art of terrarium making and had loads of ideas on how we could be creative with them!

Leafage Terrarium Workshop - Tools
Leafage Terrarium Workshop - Layers
Leafage Terrarium Workshop - Close Up
Leafage Terrarium Workshop - Close up 2
Leafage Terrarium Workshop - Close Up 3

Every little detail of the workshop was so thought out - from the prosecco at the beginning, to the tools, stylish container and even a handy terrarium care guide to take home with us alongside the terrarium.

Leafage Terrarium Workshop - Label
Leafage Terrarium Workshop
Leafage Terrarium Workshop

I would 100% recommend this workshop to anyone! Everyone was so friendly and I had such a fun time. Not only do you get spend a whole evening like-minded meeting people and learning a new skill but you get to take something home that you made yourself that will look amazing in your home. My flat is tiny but I love to fill it with plants - I love that this little terrarium will essentially look after itself whilst looking super stylish on my shelf. I guarantee everyone who comes to visit will be asking what it is and where they can get their own - and you can feel smug in the knowledge that you made it!

If you want to book a workshop for you or a friend you can find out more by clicking here. I think this would make such a unique gift for someone and is so much more thoughtful than giving them a generic high street voucher - and you could even go along too! It's always so fun to learn new skills and get new hobbies, I feel like this is only the beginning of my new-found terrarium love!