there's still time to get teddy coat - and you're going to need it!


Let's be honest, January has been pretty bleak. Not only has it felt like the longest month in the history of time (I was convinced we were on January 245th the other day, when in fact it was only the 23rd) but it's been cold, dark and wet for entire month. In the fashion world, as soon as Christmas is over we launch trans (basically early Spring product) peaking Spring-Summer in around April. Unsurprisingly, the real world cares not for fashion calendars and delivery schedules and the first quarter of what should be an optimistic new year is still pretty damn cold - we won't ever learn. 

If you've been keeping up-to-date with the news you'll also be delighted to hear that bookies have put the odds on February being the coldest February ever. I'm not sure how many Februarys have passed us by but I think it's a sign we can all buy another Winter coat without feeling the slightest bit guilty. If there's a winter coat you need this year, the IT coat has got to be the teddy! Luckily these coats still have a big presence on the high street but you'll need to be quick- in a few weeks the high street will be overrun with bikinis and you won't be able to find a coat.. because, well, fashion. 

Borg, shearling, teddy or pile - whatever you call it they are all pretty much the same thing. But why is a teddy coat the coat to rule them all? Scroll down to find out!


Teddy Coat 1
Teddy Coat 4

1. They are so damn warm

This links to the above point of 'the COLDEST February ever'. The teddy coat is guaranteed to keep you cosy - I'm not taking my chances.

2. They go with everything

I'm pretty sure these coats go with everything in my wardrobe. I'm yet to find an outfit that's not elevated but chucking on a cream or brown fuzzy coat. They can be dressed up or down and seamlessly blend in to your everyday style.

Teddy Coat 3
Teddy Coat 5

3. They aren't expensive - hooray!

My coat was £40 - it's sold out now but I've linked alternatives at a similar price bracket. 


If you have a more formal, tailored wardrobe, a longer, darker coloured coat in a classic shape will probably be your best best. If you're a student, a vintage-style boyfriend fit bomber will probably work with your mom jeans and converse. For me a zipped jacket seemed to be the perfect happy-medium.

Teddy Coat 6

5. They will still be around next year!

If you're nervous of stepping on the bandwagon because you think everyone will be bored of them next year, then panic not! Early adopters ARE wearing this coat, yes, but this trend will still be important on the high street next year so your money is well invested! 

Teddy Coat 7
Teddy Coat 8
Teddy Coat 9

Also an honourable mention to this amazing rucksack! I've been looking for a nice leather rucksack for a while and the likes of Whistles, Jigsaw and Cos were so expensive! Also it's nearly impossible to find a rucksack with zips and interior pockets to keep my belongings safe in busy London. Well imagine my joy when I saw this bag in Moss Bags in Islington! Their website isn't great I'm afraid but if you're ever in the area head to Camden passage where you'll find this gem of a shop - and the owner is so lovely and helpful! This bag was only £79 which is A LOT cheaper than I found online and better quality!


Jacket - H&M (similar below)

Top - Made by me

Jeans - ASOS Farleigh

Belt - Gucci